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Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust

"The Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust preserves the rural landscape of the Mt. Kearsarge/Lake Sunapee region through conservation easements and land acquisitions - protecting land by creating deeded restrictions limiting future development and offering some tax benefits to land donors."


Colby-Sawyer College Environmental Studies and Environmental Science Third Year Project

"The third year is the defining characteristic of the Environmental Studies and Environmental Science majors. Rather than choosing from a series of 300-level course options, students take Community-Based Research Project I & II (ENV 301 & 302) for 15 total credit hours during the third year. In addition to traditional classroom and laboratory exercises, students are immersed in an in-depth, year-long analysis of a local environmental problem or issue with detailed fieldwork and extended site visits. This structure allows students to work at length on a complex problem while developing important skills in group-oriented tasks to a degree that is not obtainable in traditional courses."


Loon Preservation Committee

"For over 25 years, the Loon Preservation Committee has worked to preserve loons and their habitats in New Hampshire through research, management and education activities."


Messer Pond Trail

The New London Conservation Commission (NLCC) public trail from County Road into Messer Pond 


Messer Pond Water Quality Information

Messer Pond water quality and quantity information collected by the NH Dept of Environmental Services (NHDES) and the University of New Hampshire (UNH)


NH Audubon

"New Hampshire Audubon, a nonprofit statewide membership organization, is dedicated to the conservation of wildlife and habitat throughout the state. Independent of the National Audubon Society, NHA has offered programs in wildlife conservation, land protection, environmental policy, and environmental education since 1914."


NH Boater's Guide

"This handbook is published by Boat Ed, the official provider of New Hampshire's boating safety course. Although this handbook is a convenient reference tool, students wanting to receive official New Hampshire boating safety certification would benefit from studying Boat Ed's comprehensive boat safety course."


NH DES Exotic Species Program

"The DES Exotic Species Program coordinates activities associated with the control and management of exotic aquatic plants; as well as activities associated with the implementation of education programs and volunteer plant monitoring programs."


NH DES Private Well Testing Program

"If you have a private well, then water quality testing should be important to you and your family. Some contaminants in drinking water have been linked to cancer and toxicity, posing a risk to human health. Many contaminants often have no taste, odor, or color. Their presence can only be determined by laboratory testing.  While there is no state requirement to have your well water tested (although there may be from your mortgage lender or town), DES recommends that all homeowners with private wells do so."


NH DES Shoreland Program

"The DES Shoreland Program implements RSA 483-B, the Comprehensive Shoreland Protection Act (CSPA). The CSPA establishes minimum standards for activities within the Protected Shoreland that are designed to protect the water quality of the state’s larger water bodies and to fulfill the state’s role as trustee of those waters. To implement the CSPA, Shoreland Program staff provide permitting, compliance, outreach, and educational services related to activities within the Protected Shoreland."


NH DES Volunteer Lake Assessment Program (VLAP)

"Initiated in 1985, VLAP establishes a volunteer-driven lake sampling program to assist DES in evaluating lake water quality, and provides volunteer monitors and lake residents with reports on lake health. This cooperative effort allows biologists and lake associations to make educated decisions regarding the future of New Hampshire’s lakes and ponds."


NH DES Volunteer River Assessment Program (VRAP)

"In 1998, the New Hampshire Volunteer River Assessment Program (VRAP) was established to promote awareness and education of the importance of maintaining water quality in New Hampshire’s rivers and streams. VRAP aims to educate people about river and stream water quality and ecology and to improve water quality monitoring coverage for the protection of water resources."


NH Dept of Safety - Bureau of Marine Patrol

"The Marine Patrol’s mission is to provide a safe, enjoyable, and environmentally responsible use for all of the State’s public waters. Through its three sections, operations, aids to navigation, and the Boating Education Program, the Bureau provides a comprehensive Marine Safety Program, places over 5,000 aids to navigation, and offers boating education for all recreation and commercial boat operators."


NH Division of Forest and Lands

"Since 1910, the New Hampshire State Forest Nursery has occupied an established role in contributing to the well being of the state's forests and forest economy.  Planting trees and shrubs is an important stewardship activity for landowners who wish to improve our environment for future generations. Our State Forest Nursery is part of our heritage and an investment in our future."  Click here for 50 different bare-root seedling species and specialty packages


NH Fish & Game Dept

"As the guardian of the state's fish, wildlife, and marine resources, the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department works in partnership with the public to:

NH Lakes Association

"The NHLA is a statewide, nonprofit, member-supported organization dedicated to protecting New Hampshire's lakes, which are integral to the quality of life and economic health of the State. We serve as a source of information about lakes and lake issues through our educational materials and programs, and through our work with state legislators. We advocate on issues of water quality, boater education and boating safety, invasive species prevention, appropriate public access and a balance of lake uses."


NH Lakes Conservation Corps Program

"The NH LAKES Lake Conservation CorpsSM Program is a natural resource stewardship learning program designed to actively involve youth in hands-on shoreline and watershed restoration projects to improve the quality of New Hampshire's surface waters. In addition, NH LAKES hopes that the students who participate in the Lake Conservation Corps will develop a lifelong interest in the responsible stewardship of natural resources."


NH Rivers Council

"The New Hampshire Rivers Council is committed to the conservation and ecologically sound management of New Hampshire’s rivers, watersheds and related natural resources."


New London Contact Information Page

A handy list of town government contacts and emergency numbers


Northern Wood Power Project

"PSNH will replace an existing 50 megawatt coal-fired boiler with an environmentally friendly system which uses wood chips and other clean, low-grade wood materials for fuel.  Located at Schiller Station in Portsmouth, NH, the Northern Wood Power Project will allow PSNH to economically produce cleaner electric energy from environmentally sound renewable resources."

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Why Heat with Wood?


Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests

"Founded by a handful of concerned citizens in 1901, the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests is now one of the country's most effective statewide land conservation organizations. As a non-profit membership organization, the Forest Society is dedicated to protecting the state's most important landscapes while promoting the wise use of its renewable natural resources."


Nearby Lakes & Watershed Associations

Blaisdell Lake Protective Association

Lake Massasecum Improvement Association

Lake Sunapee Protective Association

Little Lake Sunapee

Mascoma Lake Association

Newfound Lake Region Association

Pleasant Lake Protective Association

Sunapee Area Watershed Coalition






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