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As part of the stewardship outreach of the Association, the MPPA sponsors and encourages activities that support the well-being of Messer Pond, the surrounding area and all its residents.

Septic System Maintenance

The MPPA partners with a local company to offer a discounted septic system maintenance program. Inspecting and pumping your septic system every 2-3 years is key to maintaining its performance and mitigating the impact that a septic system could have on water quality. A properly operating system will filter nutrients before they can enter the watershed. Please take advantage of this opportunity and schedule a visit.

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Well Water Testing

To maintain a safe and reliable source of water, the MPPA encourages everyone to test your well’s water quality on a regular basis (Annually for bacteria, every 3-4 years for other pollutants). Routine testing is important not only to ensure water quality and proper operation of your treatment system but also allows you to track changes/trends in the quality of your well water.

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Residential Stormwater Management

Stormwater runoff from residential properties can have substantial impacts on the surrounding environment. Erosion and flooding contribute to sediment and nutrients entering Messer Pond and the streams that feed the pond. There are many proactive measures that residents can take to make their properties more conducive to mitigating runoff and erosion. Please check out these websites for effective residential landscaping ideas:

The LakeSmart Program at NH Lakes
The SOAK Up the Rain NH Program at NH DES

Pond Safety

We all love Messer Pond and its watershed for its beauty and the recreational opportunities it provides – swimming, boating, hiking. The MPPA wants to remind everyone who participates in any outdoor activity to always be mindful of your surroundings and stay safe. The NH Fish and Game website is an excellent resource for information – just enter the word “safety” in the search bar.

The New Hampshire Boating Handbook

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