Watershed Initiatives

The mission of the MPPA is to maintain the health of Messer Pond and its watershed. Please consider helping us preserve Messer Pond for future generations to enjoy.

Water Sampling

MPPA volunteers perform water sampling on Messer Pond throughout the boating season. This activity is done in conjunction with the NHDES Volunteer Lake Assessment Program (VLAP). Water sampling serves as an early detection for any water quality issues that may be developing in Messer Pond.

Messer Pond Report Card

Lake Hosting

The MPPA participates in the NH Lakes “Lake Hosting Program” to prevent the spread of invasive aquatic plants and animals into New Hampshire waters. Throughout the summer volunteers conduct courtesy boat and trailer inspections and provide educational material to boaters and fishermen.

Map of NH lakes with infestations

Weed Watching

Working with the NHDES Invasive Species Program, the Association maintains an active weed watch program. From late May through September, volunteers monitor the entire shoreline of Messer Pond for the presence of invasive species.

CSC Weed Flyer

Weed Watch Map

Messer Pond Aquatic Plants

Upland Invasive Species Guide

Road Cleanup

Stormwater runoff from roadways impact water quality by transporting nutrients and pollutants into Messer Pond. Volunteers donate time throughout the spring, summer and fall months to remove sand, trash and debris from the culverts, catch basins and roadsides around the pond.

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